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Dumplings "mandu"


Mandu are small dough packages with a meat filling. Very tasty as a starter.



Korean Fried Chicken "Yangnyeom-Chikin"
This fried South Korean chicken is conquering the world. Deliciously crispy glazed in sweet, savory and spicy sauce. To lick your fingers with.


Korean Rib Eye. "Bulgogi"
Bulgogi is literally translated as "fire meat". Rich in taste. Delicious to combine with a leaf of lettuce, kimchi, white rice and our special Korean sauce made from soybeans. This dish can be prepared from a pan or on the barbeque.


In addition to this week's selection: Side Sishes.
Rice Cake Dessert
Kakkdugi in brine rettich
Kimchi pickled cabbage
Korean seaweed
Sauce for the bulgogi
Sauce for the Mandu
Baby romaine lettuce
White rice


Korean Box 2 Person

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